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David Wright wildlife cameraman


Shooting the BBC series Invisible Worlds

David Wright photographer  Dalai Lama


His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  • Documentary Cameraman

  • Wildlife Cameraman 

  • Photographer

  • Film Producer

  • Director of Photography  / DP

  • Accompanied Photo Safaris and Workshops

Awards include

BAFTA Winner
Emmy Award Winner
Golden Panda Winner

More about David's experience and background 

  • LinkedIn


David Wright is a world renowned photographer and award winning filmmaker who has refined his art of capturing the hidden beauty of the natural world and people. A world traveller, he has worked in over 70 countries for clients that include National Geographic and the BBC. As a photographer, his focus has shifted to personal work that is now available in limited editions to collectors.

David’s photography is evocative and aims to take the viewer on an immersive journey. It will take you to far away locations that you may have dreamed about, or help memories flood back from places you have visited yourself.


These photographs aim to be a gateway for the viewer to feel sensations from natural elements that evoke the beauty of our world. The images are visual meditation that bring peace, connecting you with your senses. The work also celebrates the commonalities of people around the globe. David's portraiture offers the viewer a way to connect with the subject and their story.

David Wright

 Join us for our annual Cumberland Island Photo Safari

A selection of David's latest work: Awakening 

These images seek beauty in the details and abstracts of our world

Beach Abstract Collection
Beach Abstract Collection
Beach Abstract Collection
Beach Abstract Collection

A selection of David's collection: Kings

Penguin Collection
Penguin Collection
Penguin Collection
Penguin Collection

COMING SOON: Antarctica


Apple TV Tiny Worlds, a landmark natural history series 

National Geographic-  In The Womb  A 90min science and wildlife special on animal reproduction

National GeographicGhosts of Pearl Harbor, a network special marking the 75th anniversary of the attack.

PBS9/11 Inside the Pentagon, the untold stories of the victims of the attack on the Pentagon

So Long ProductionsOut of The World A feature documentary / remake of a 1949 expedition film following Lowell Thomas to Tibet

SlingshotA feature documentary about inventor Dean Kaman

Alan Magee: art is not a solaceA feature documentary about the work of artist Alan Magee

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