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Filmmaker and  Photographer  David Wright has worked in over 65 countries for clients including National Geographic, Discovery, Curiosity Stream and the BBC. Stories covered include wildlife, history, human interest and travel.

David works both as a cinematographer and producer / director on film projects.

Recent stories include the Apple TV series Tiny Worlds, a National Geographic science special "In the Womb", an expedition film from Tibet, as well as a photographic exhibit retracing the steps of explorer Lowell Thomas from northern India to Lhasa.

For examples of David's photography go to the gallery or 500px

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David  is the recipient of two Emmy's and a BAFTA for his documentaries.

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Apple TV Tiny Worlds, a landmark natural history series 

National Geographic-  In The Womb  A 90min science and wildlife special on animal reproduction

National GeographicGhosts of Pearl Harbor, a network special marking the 75th anniversary of the attack.

PBS9/11 Inside the Pentagon, the untold stories of the victims of the attack on the Pentagon

So Long ProductionsOut of The World A feature documentary / remake of a 1949 expedition film following Lowell Thomas to Tibet

SlingshotA feature documentary about inventor Dean Kaman

Alan Magee: art is not a solaceA feature documentary about the work of artist Alan Magee



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