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David is well known for his work as a director of photography (DP) / wildlife cameraman on major network series for the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU), Discovery, National Geographic, Curiosity Stream and PBS. He also shoots feature documentaries for independent companies that have included a biography of inventor Dean Kamen (Slingshot), the story of men that resisted the Vietnam draft (The Boys Who Said No), climate change (Behold the Earth), a history of Tibet (Out of the World) and a biography of artist Alan Magee (The Dark Illuminates the Light)

Originally from the UK and trained at Oxford Scientific Films (OSF), David has now based in the United States (USA), he has worked in over 60 countries and all seven continents.

Projects include documentaries, feature films and commercials. In addition to working as a cinematographer, David is also a award winning producer / director and has been recognized for this work with an Emmy for achievement in documentary film production.  He has also received a BAFTA, Emmy, Golden Panda and Cine for cinematography.

Television credits include

BBC- Natural World, Life, Invisible Worlds, Life in Cold Blood, Frozen Planet

PBS- Nature, NOVA, Pentagon 9/11

National Geographic- Explorer, Untamed Americas, Snake Wranglers, Ghosts of Pearl Harbor

Clips from a variety of shoots

BBC- Natural World

Boston's Finest

Nikon demo- Fire Dance

Nat Geo- Untamed Americas

Awards include

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